The Green Hills Grille

The Green Hills Grille began in 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee, with the idea of being the "Best Little Grille in Green Hills". They were privately owned by two restaurateurs that had the idea that they could serve great food at a great value with the service of fine dining (casual fine dining as we refer to it). They were such a huge hit in Nashville with the locals that we went south to Huntsville, Alabama. A different "twist" was given to the menu in Huntsville to indulge the Alabamians.

In 1994 they merged with a new company, Innovative Restaurant Concepts that included Rio Bravo, Rio Bravo Grille, and Ray's on the River. This extended their family and gave them the means to be a part of a larger corporation: Applebee's.

In 1998 Applebee's sold us with the premise that Abe Gustin, president at that time, could purchase the Green Hills Grilles and Ray's on the River to start his own company with his sons - Specialty Restaurant Development. Currently they are a part of a 15 unit company that includes: 4 Green Hills Grilles, Ray's on the River, Killer Creek, Ray's Downtown, and 8 Applebee's. SRD is a young company with a bright future.

Many of their management and crew have been with them for several years. Hopefully this history of dedication of their crews will encourage others to be a part of this service and quality oriented group of people. They have a great reputation of commitment to their Guest, their Crew, and their Business.

The Green Hills Grille takes pride in creating a total dining experience in which service through friendliness and attentiveness plays a major role. Team service is the standard, which creates a thumping service atmosphere, where attentiveness to the guests and their needs is evident by the well-trained crew. We have a strong following because of their commitment to wonderful food, friendly service in a comfortable atmosphere and unyielding dedication to guest satisfaction. So strong is their commitment to a wonderful dining experience and guest satisfaction that they have become the foundation that has lead the Green Hills Grille to their current success.